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Did you know there was a US 9/11 commemorative medal?

"Will" - heartrending imaginative animated film by Eusong Lee about 9/11

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"Rendering the Unthinkable: Artists Respond to 9/11" artwork by 13 artists -their reactions to the terror attacks, ranging in media from paintings and sculpture to works on paper and video.

The 9/11 Quilt...Remember the AIDS Quilt?

"Musings 8" - As my "life" with the 9/11 Memorial goes into its 7th year, a concerning thought keeps popping up: Will 9/11 be remembered as the deaths of buildings or the deaths of people? As I review memorial after memorial what is prominent are towers or steel - the names and lives are delegated to plaques.

​"Musings" 7 - The 9/11 Museum - First Visit III

Now with some time since my visit, I look back at my photos and memories. There was the one item I can't forget - no pictures of it are allowed. It is the "sandwich" of material, off in one corner of the 9/11 story historical exhibit, off limits to children under 11. You could miss it if you are not careful. Of course, it is a section of one of the towers encompassing multiple floors, smashed together by the weight of the buildings fall. Having it in the museum was highly controversial - the families concerned that it contained human DNA.  

I think that it either should be more prominent within this area or not shown at all. It is simultaneously the most horrific relic of the destruction and the saddest memory.

"Musings" 6 - The 9/11 Museum - First Visit II

After the visit I pondered a few questions: Is this a museum to a structure, an event, the heroism of first responders or to make the victims "more than just names" around the pools? It attempts to be all and, to my eye, this diffuses the overall effect. Furthermore, as our technology and communications continue to shorten our attention spans, will future visitors be able to take it all in? At $24 a visit, it is unlikely they will return

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