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... new insights into the visual culture of memory in general and the traumas of 9/11 in particular.  Michelle Bogart, Stony Brook University​

...a valuable addition to the growing body of literature on memory and commemoration in modern America.” Erika Doss, Notre Dame University

...Levine has done history a great service by researching all the entries to this most pivotal of competitions.  In giving equal weight to the designs by starchitects and amateurs he reflects the strength of the competition itself, the diversity and breadth which made it such a fascinating moment in contemporary architecture.  This was a defining moment in the history of NYC and this is its gazette.  Edwin Heathcote, critic, The Financial Times

Too often, discussion of memorials focuses on their physical characteristics. In this book, Lester Levine invesitgates the emotional, motivational, and human impulses behind the competitors’ schemes.—Jayne Merkel, New York-based architectural historian and critic.

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​Choice Journal [Amer. Library Association]   "Levine presents a fuller view of the competition...The volume will appeal to nonspecialists interested in public art, public history, memorials, memory studies, and...related fields in the fine arts."  

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